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Histoire de la psychiatrie, Sexualité et perversion

Actualisation : International Conference for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology – 26-29 June 2014, Bulgaria

 » ‘Sexual perversion’ : from a new conceptual history to an old problem »16ème Congrès International de Philosophie, Psychiatrie et Psychologie, 26-29 Juin 2014, Golden Sands, Bulgarie.

Ne pouvant être présente lors du Congrès, je remercie vivement Benjamin Levy qui a accepté de me remplacer lors de ma communication, et présentera le 27 Juin une communication intitulée « From “paranoia” to “delusional disorders” : new ethics and logics of psychiatric discourse ».  

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Résumé de l’intervention : We aim to propose a new conceptual history of psycho-sexual disorders in the field of history of psychiatry and psychopathology. This conceptual and historical revision leads to underline a crucial problem which concerns philosophy, clinic and forensic expertise, and whose solution is an epistemological and practical necessity : the link between the subject and his actions.
Since forty years, the history of “pathologized sexualities” has become a research field for historian, gay and lesbian, gender and queer studies, with implications on social perception of sexualities, especially homosexuality and transidentities. In spite of their major scientific and political importance, these studies has in great part focussed on identity questions : gender and sexual identity, individual and social identity in relation to sexual orientation. It has brought to obliterate, even ignore, some conceptual structures and sources in the history of psychiatry. From now on, the de-pathologisation of homosexuality and transidentities and their progressive social and political acceptation make possible another history of psycho-sexual disorders. Through a new conceptual history of « sexual perversion » from the French Revolution to the Belle-Epoque, we will bring out another kind of problem which engages philosophy, clinic and forensic psychiatry, and involves yet contemporary psychopathology : the relation between the subject and his actions and behaviors, which is implied by the questions about criteria of psycho-sexual disorders. Is « sexual perversion » more a category of a behaviorial type (external criteria : deviant actions and sexual behaviors) or a psychological type (internal criteria : subjectivity and mind of the « perverse ») ?
A revision of the history of psycho-sexual disorders brings out a philosophical and psychiatric issue which engages a crucial issue about their criteria that never have been solved since the first 19th century until now.




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